The Need For A Skilled Immigration Attorney

Immigration law is complex with a bureaucratic process with a significant backlog of temporary and permanent visa applications. Handling it on your own ignores those complexities. It also lengthens the time it takes to secure a visa.You need the guidance of an experienced attorney in Georgia who pursues an expedited process on your behalf.

Committed To Expediting A Complex And Lengthy Process

From securing a family visa or citizenship to deportation over criminal charges, we provide a comprehensive range of immigration services at Pfahl Law that includes:

  • Employment-based visas
  • Family visas
  • Naturalization
  • Deferred actions
  • Removal/deportation proceedings
  • Appeals

Scott Pfahl belongs to the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Membership keeps him up-to-date on proposed and new immigration laws. When you need help with a visa or deportation, he serves as a vital resource of current information.

We are at your side when you want to reunite with family, pursue employment, or face removal following an arrest. Throughout every step, we focus on your best interests and protect your rights.

Take Proactive Steps To Protect Your Immigration Status

Do not delay in getting immediate legal help for a family or work visa or deportation matter. Call our Tyrone law office at 678-909-9400 or contact us online.