A Trial Lawyer Focused On The Best Outcome

Legal problems disrupt personal lives and business operations. You need an attorney at your side to protect your rights and move the process along as quickly as possible. Taking on complex legal matters on your own ignores the complexities and only lengthens the time it takes to find resolution.

Trial lawyer Scott Pfahl spent over 25 years helping individuals and corporations facing a variety of legal issues. He brings that comprehensive and sophisticated experience to help Georgia residents injured in accidents and businesses involved in disputes.

Immediate Legal Advocacy To Protect The Best Interests Of Georgia Businesses

As an entrepreneur running a startup or existing business, success comes from the time you spend growing your operation. Contract disputes and business torts only add to an already busy schedule. You simply do not have the time or the legal knowledge to resolve matters on your own.

You keep your company running and your employees working. AtPfahl Law, we litigate complicated disputes to protect your business reputation.

Part of our business litigation practice also involves representing land developers dealing with costly delays and encumbrances. Scott Pfahl possesses thorough knowledge of state and local land use regulations. He can skillfully articulate those regulations before planning commissioners to secure land use and project approval.

Helping People Injured Due To Defective Products

From defective household products to toxic chemical and asbestos exposure, legal actions can range in their complexity. Malfunctioning medical equipment and prescription drug side effects present particularly significant and deadly dangers that require an aggressive response.

A manufacturer who falls short of quality standards can lead to injuries through no fault of your own. You may not even think that you have a personal injury claim. Being proactive in contacting our law firm is an important first step.

Even The Odds You Face With One Telephone Call

At Pfahl Law, we can help you secure the legal help and justice you need. Combining corporate law experience with legal knowledge, Scott Pfahl will pursue the best possible outcome at trial. Call 678-909-9400 or email our law office.

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